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Places of Interest
Pucketty Farm
Underberg & Himeville Places Of Interest
Pucketty Farm Stall is an epicurean delight. All of our products are homemade. Baskets groaning with our fresh home baked goodies. Pies, quiches, pates, puddings, locally made farm cheeses filling our display fridge.

Shelves displaying our vast range of jams and marmalades, pickles and chutneys. Old fashioned ginger beer, pickled onions, and much, much more.

We are well known for our unique honesty system and, let's face it, it's refreshing to be trusted in this day & age. A one-stop shop, in a relaxed atmosphere, where you simply write you purchases in the book provided, put your money the box and take your change.

Our animal farm is thriving with animals. We have a guinea pig village and lots of food to feed them.
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Pucketty Farm
Himeville Museum
Originally built as a fortified laager, the “Old Fort” in Himeville (the last of its type to be constructed in South Africa) was completed in 1900.

In 1902 it was taken over by the Natal Mounted Police and was used as a prison until its closure in 1972.

Subsequently, through the efforts of local residents and the local Historical Society, who took over the buildings in 1976, it became a museum, which was opened to the public in 1981.

Said to be one of the best rural museums in South Africa, the museum comprises a large complex (warders’ house, cells, the armoury (originally the only building within the laager walls), workshops and parade ground, and a few additional buildings erected to house some of the exhibits.
The Giants Cup Art gallery & Crafts
Himeville Nature Reserve
Reichenau Mission
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Himeville Museum
The Giants Cup Cafe, Restaurant , art gallery, crafts, and indigenous plants nursery, is on site open daily from 0730 hours to 2000 hours, a mere 50 metres from Sani Lodge Backpackers,

As devotees of the great John Seymour’s philosophy of self sufficiency as laid out in his classic book “The Complete Guide to Self-sufficiency”, we aim to provide home cooked meals with the use of as many home produced products like our fruit and vegetables in season, milk and honey, as possible.

We aim to use the best organic and free range quality ingredients such as eggs and chicken which we do not produce ourselves and support local South African producers. We have been breeding happy Jersey cows for the past 16 years for the purpose of providing our own fresh milk.
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The reserve stretches along the eastern boundary of Himeville Village and was proclaimed to its present size of 104 ha in 1973. Himeville Nature Reserve offers trout fishing in two dams situated in the reserve.

Boats are no longer available for hire but anglers may use their own small rowing craft or flotation tubes. Power boats are not permitted. Visitors may walk freely throughout the reserve and view Blesbuck and Black Wildebeest. The two dams offer good opportunities for bird watching.

Visitors to Himeville can arrange with local tour operators for day trips up Sani Pass or, providing that they have a 4 x 4 vehicle, choose to make the trip into Lesotho on their own. For those wishing to go on their own a valid passport is compulsory.
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Abbot Francis Pfanner, of the New Reformed Cistercian order of monks, commonly known as Trappists, came out to South Africa during the early 1800s. He first established Mariannhill Mission near Pinetown (Durban) and then the satellite mission at Reichenau.

Self-sufficiency was a fundamental part of the Trappist doctrine. True to this principle the monks also erected a school, mill, butchery, bakery, forge and store around the church - all constructed of stone. Only a few buildings are still in active use, chiefly; the church, school and mill.

The church is a must-see if you do visit the Mission proper. An active community project is currently being conducted at the Mission by the Reichenau Mill Restoration Project.
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Underberg Cheesery
It is here, on the banks of the Umzimkulu River, that our small herd of Jersey cows produce the quality wholesome milk we use in the making of our farm cheese. Healthy and happy cows are Paramount to quality milk.

Each one is known by name, and given individual attention from our family members and dedicated dairy staff. Our local veterinarians visit them on a regular basis to assist us in keeping them in peak condition.

Our small dairy is family-run enabling us to personally manage every step of the delicate cheese-making process, ensuring the highest level of quality control. Full cream Jersey milk, no preservatives, no colourants and no animal rennet are used in the making of our exciting cheeses.
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